Booking terms and conditions


Please read the important information below in this email.


The stay is incl. breakfast and hot drinks.


When booking, payments for overnight stays and additional purchases is due immediately. The money is therefore withdrawn immediately when the online payment is completed. Payment can also be made directly at the hotel, in the office on the 1st floor, but only with an appointment. 

Company agreements: If you, as a company, wish to settle via a sent invoice, this must be agreed with the hotel's management at the time of booking, after which all data is disclosed.

EAN: If you wish to pay via EAN number, this must be agreed with the hotel's management.

All online payments are made via NETS as payment provider and QuickPay as payment gateway. Sverres Hotel does not have access to information about your payment card at any point in the process. According to current legislation, no fee is added for online payment.

Right of withdrawal

Cancellation can be made in good time and up to 48 hours before arrival. In case of timely cancellation, the amount paid is refunded. In case of later cancellation or no-show, the amount paid will not be refunded.

Domestic animals

It is not allowed to bring animals to the hotel.

Bicycle parking at the gate

Bicycles can be parked at the gate in the hotel's courtyard, please see the parking sign and only in the marked area.


It is possible to park cars/motorcycles/buses/cars with trailers in the large parking space at the back of the hotel. The parking permit is in the key envelope on arrival and must be in the car's windscreen during the stay.


On the day of arrival, a code for the front door will be received via SMS. Please confirm receipt of this with an OK. The code is confidential and may only be used by the hotel's guests, and may therefore not be passed on to others.

On the day of arrival, there will be a white envelope with your name on it on a shelf containing a key and parking sign in the entrance hall. This will be ready from 14:00.

In case of changes to the number of people in the booked room, this must be notified to the hotel no later than 12:00 the day before arrival, with the correct number of people staying in the room, as well as the telephone number of the person booking the room.

Check out

On the day of departure, the room must be vacated no later than 10:00 and the key must be left in the door. It is possible to store luggage after the end of your stay, contact the staff. Luggage storage after the end of your stay is your own responsibility, the hotel will NOT replace lost luggage.

After check-out at 10:00 we would like to point out that it is no longer possible to use the restaurant's coffee machine. It is also not possible to borrow the toilet, as there are only toilets in the rooms, and cleaning starts immediately after check-out.

The restaurant is closed between 10:00 - 12:00 due to cleaning.


The hotel complies with all hygienic guidelines. We also ask our guests to do the following:

  • Use hand sanitizer in the hotel entrance and at the entrance to the restaurant on the 1st floor.

  • Use plastic gloves on both hands before removing the breakfast buffet. Plastic gloves are available in the restaurant.

  • Keep distance.

  • It is not permitted to enter the hotel if you, as a guest, have symptoms of infection.

If you as a guest have been diagnosed with Covid-19 before arriving at the hotel, we ask that the hotel be contacted to cancel the booking, but no later than 48 hours before the day of arrival.

If you as a guest have contracted Covid-19 during your stay on Bornholm, this must be reported to the hotel owner as soon as possible. It is subsequently not permitted to continue the stay at the hotel.